Our branch has 25 top-performing, self-motivated and experienced salespeople and two property managers, all of whom have a wealth of local knowledge and real estate expertise (a total of nearly 250 years in the business!). They understand the market in this area and consistently produce excellent results. Winter or summer, our marketing skills bring buyers and sellers together to the satisfaction of all parties.

About Sam Leong (BSc)

Sam is your trustworthy, reliable agent and most importantly he has a great passion in real estate.

Before coming to New Zealand, Sam has been working in Singapore for many years, and has a strong customer-orientated base. He works with people all around, and communicates effectively to get what needs to be done.

Sam is also a very organised and detailed person, and he is serious with what he does. Buying or selling is a big and important decision to make, but you will be reassured in the hands of Sam, as he will strive to look for the best for you.

Please do not hesitate to give Sam a call today, and he will be thrilled to work with you.

Sam 是你值得信赖的经纪人,最重要的是,他对房地产行业充满热情。Sam和他的 6 位合作伙伴作为一个团队,将为您提供最好的服。

About Lena Shao

The foundation of Lena’s business is her ability to connect with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. A people person by nature, she finds that communication comes easily to her. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and has a wide network of contacts based both locally and overseas. She effectively uses this network to connect buyers and investors with properties.

Another of Lena’s strengths is her understanding of the marketing process. With prior experience working in an international marketing firm based in Auckland, she is adept at creating cutting edge campaigns. Her ability to market a home can make the difference between achieving a good sale and a great sale.

Lena specialises in rural property. Living on a farm, she has a great understanding of rural life and what it entails. Combining this with her extensive research and analysis on the real estate market, she has a wealth of knowledge for her clients to draw from. She is more than happy to share this with them – whether it is about the current market conditions, or about grazing lamb/beef, horticulture or vegetable gardens!

If you are looking for a trustworthy professional with a high moral standard to help you achieve your real estate success, look no further. Contact Lena today to take the next step towards your property goals.



Lena 擅长农村房产销售。因为她从小过着乡村生活,对这样的环境有着深刻的理解。而且她个人对房地产市场有大量的调查与分析。自然而然的和客户就有的聊了。她不仅和客户谈论当代房地产市场情况,谈起放牧牛羊,园艺学,种植蔬菜也是不在话下!

如果您正在考虑招聘一位值得信任,高素质,专业的销售人员,期待以后在房地产事业有得力助手,那么Lena 是您的不二之选。即刻联系她吧。


The eastern district is my specialty area. I study the types of houses, market growth and compare real estate data with other regions. This gives me a good overall picture of trends which I can pass on to you, my clients.

For 20 or so years, I successfully managed my owned business and developed a keen sense of the markets and finance. I developed considerable sales experience, and in particular the art of negotiating, an important part of the buying and selling process.

If you are a buyer, I help you find the house you want. After all, it’s not just a house, it’s your life. If you’re a seller I work to achieve a top price for property. Professional dedicated and personalised service, with a smile.

I arrived in New Zealand two years ago from China, and, together with my two children, enjoy being a part of the community. I love swimming, go to the gym at least four times a week and join in on the social activities around me. I love to sing and won a few awards in China in the old days.

The eastern region has so much to offer – properties with beautiful sea views, desirable schools and excellent Asian supermarkets and restaurants. New migrants to the area don’t need to feel homesick.

Being fluent in Chinese as well as English enables me to understand the position of new immigrants and I like to help where I can.

Call me at the Barfoot & Thompson Howick branch and I’ll use all my skills to help you find what you are looking for.

About Timothy Pang​

I have been in the sales and marketing field for over a decade. I think you could say that I’m passionate about making the buying and selling of my clients’ most valuable asset, a wonderful experience.

Over the years I have learned that listening and attention to detail, is instrumental in a successful outcome.

Effective communication during every aspect of the buying or selling process is part of the service I provide. From the initial consultation, to clarifying the market, designing a marketing campaign and providing feedback from potential buyers, the process is stress-free for my clients.

When it comes to selling a much-loved property, understanding a client’s needs is my main priority. I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and you’ll find me at the Barfoot & Thompson Howick branch. Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll start your journey!




About Roni Cong

As the Sales Associate to Sam Leong, one of the area’s top performing salespeople, I’m committed to delivering the same level of service he’s become renowned for.

Before starting in real estate, I worked extensively in travel and tourism, spent a couple of years as a mortgage and insurance broker, and I own an earth moving company. I’ve found that regardless of the industry I’m in, its attitude and commitment that determine success.

I’ve bought and sold many properties over the years and I’ve built a home too, so I’m in tune with your needs. I have a strong sense of what’s happening in the market, as well as sound knowledge of investments and developments.

Speaking fluent English and Mandarin, I am able to break down any language barriers and ensure that your home is marketed to a wider audience of potential buyers.

Selling your home can be an enjoyable experience. With the tools, resources and network available through Barfoot & Thompson as well as our own extensive database and experience, I can ensure you get the best outcome, without all the stress.

作为行业内顶尖销售团队 Sam Leong 一员,我承诺将为您的客户带来同水准的专业服务。




为您提供销售服务将会是一种愉快的体验。利用工具,我现有资源,Barfoot& Thompson 网站上的资源,您广泛的数据库和经验,我相信有我的加入,会让您取得优异的回报。

About ANGELA jiang

Continuing a successful career as a business owner, Angela brings a wealth of experience and innovation to selling property. Focused on relationships and with the clients’ interests always top of mind, Angela approaches Real Estate not as a transaction but a journey experienced individually with each of her raving fans, making her a trusted and reliable source of advice and care.
Angela is an enthusiastic and motivated person with a professional manner.  She is an honest, reliable and caring person who will strive to achieve successful outcomes for sellers and buyers of property.
Angela will listen to your needs and work with honesty and integrity and always with your best interests in mind. She gets a great sense of satisfaction from helping people achieve their goals, and strives to achieve this at all times.
For smart, effective and energetic real estate, there is no other choice.

About Zoe tang

Client Focused, Result Driven

When selling your property, achieving the maximum sale price is my ultimate goal. I understand how time-consuming and sometimes stressful the process of marketing your property can be. I will make every effort to ensure selling or buying your property will be a positive and rewarding experience.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated. It makes life simple and gives relationships integrity. In Real Estate this begins with honest appraisals and well researched market advice, communicated in a friendly and respectful manner.

Operating in a diverse marketplace with many languages and cultures and being fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwanese brings a real edge in selling across key real estate communities.

We are not just sales, We are life changers!

以客户为中心,以结果为导向TM 争取最高价是我在为您提供售房服务的最终目标。
我们熟知房屋销售 是一个非常耗时耗力,倍感压力的过程,但我将尽我一切努力确保您 出售或购买您的房产将是一次愉悦且有收获的体验。 对待他人需要如你期许别人如何待你一样,一切就会变得简单,并会 回馈你更为完善的人际关系。

在房地产行业,这始于做出诚实的评估 和基于深思熟虑给出专业的市场建议,友好的沟通以及尊重每一个客 户的想法。

新西兰是一个汇集多种语言和文化的多元化国家,同样的,在多元化 的房地产市场中运营,精通英语,粤语,普通话和闽南话以及熟悉多 个地区的人文文化,这使得我在销售中颇具语言优势且可以和更多的 族群产生文化共鸣。 我们不仅仅是一名销售,我们更是改变生活的人!